Packing Tips For Moving

A selection of our best moving tips

Whether you’re moving house or going through an office relocation, we have the best packing tips for both your home or office. We will cover tips for moving that cover both the packing and transport, as well as the overall organisation of your move.

Organisation is Key

Moving houses of office can be stressful and overwhelming, so the first step on our list of the best moving tips is to create a packing supply checklist. This means that before you start everything, you have a list of all the supplies you need, as well as what exactly you’ll be packing. At Royal Removals, we can provide items that you may need for packing, including boxes designed for dishes, or those with hanging bars for the easy unpacking of clothes. It’s also advisable to keep a few essentials apart in order to pack an overnight bag. This can be used the day before your move when you don’t have access to your belongings that are packed away, or the day of your move in case you aren’t able to unpack straight away. It should contain clothing that is easy to access, as well as phone chargers and toiletries.

Packing Containers

Although some may move bin bags, we recommend avoiding the use of binbags, especially if you are clearing items as part of your move process. This will ensure you won’t accidently throw away things you still want to keep. Instead, get a selection of different sized boxes in order to make the transportation easier. Heavy items like books should be kept in small boxes, or they will be too heavy to carry. Lighter items like pillows are then bets in bigger ones. If you’re lucky enough to still have the original packing box and material for items like computers and televisions, this is best as the packaging will be custom-fitted to each item.

Labelling Your Boxes

In order for you to pack and transport things correctly, make sure to label the sides of the boxes, giving a general description of what’s in your boxes, as well as the room they belong to. Unpacking boxes by the room will make the process easier, so try not to mix them up, and label cords and cables accordingly too so that you know what goes where. It’s also important to mark boxes that are fragile to ensure the person moving the boxes will take even more care to ensure their safety.

Moving Specialist Items

Make sure you don’t stuff so many items into your boxes that they will be crushed or forced open. If you have valuable items like jewellery or important documents like wills, it is advisable to transport these yourself. Large mirrors will need to be properly padded and prepared to transport them without breaking. A flat box or glass carton especially sized for your mirror is best. You can also use sheets or blankets to protect similar items like artwork.

If you have a refrigerator or freezer that is being moved, it should be disconnected and clean and clear, so make sure to eat up before the move day.

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